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The Gods Remaining After Ragnarok

I’ve always wondered why the gods that are left after the “end of the world” were the ones chosen to survive.

Lif and Leifthrasir are the two humans left – Life and yearning for Life. Those cannot truly die so they continue on to repopulate the earth. That makes sense.

Mjollnir, Thor’s hammer, also remains. It is thunder and lightning so it should survive to bring those to the new world.

The daughter of the sun also survives and lights the new world. That’s fairly obviously important.

Baldr is the god of beauty, fertility, light and peace. These are all qualities that should be desired in a new and better world.

Vidar is the god of silence, strength and justice. These are also desirable qualities for a new world.

Vali is associated with justice and death. Death is a necessary part of life, therefore it shouldn’t cease to exist.

Modi and Magni are the sons of Thor and save Mjollnir. They are “Anger” and “Strength.” The two of them together embody the late Thor’s qualities. This is important because Thor was a very central figure in the religion and mythology.

Hodr is the blind god of poetry. Poetry was widely valued in Norse culture surprisingly. The runes and writing were often considered magical or could bring luck – whether good or bad.

Matter is Eternal

Pretty straight forward right? Most people who’ve ever taken a science class know about the law of conservation of matter: Matter is neither produced nor destroyed. I found it very interesting that this is an idea in the Norse Edda – after all, it well predates most science period, much less the law of conservation of matter. But matter doesn’t just die out or come into being like it does in much of mythology. There’s an overarching idea of eternity that is reassuring and rather appealing.

Image of Ragnarok

I thought this picture was really cool. You can see Odinn battling Fenrir and Thor against Jormungand and all of the other battles as well – so neat!