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Stories and People

While trying to get a group together to hang out this evening I realized something. No matter what the story is about, people generally want to know. To get together and learn or experience something. Maybe the whole point of mythology is just to bring people together. To have a group and a community. After all, isn’t that just what things like church do? Bring peope with some common denominator together? Just a¬†thought.


I’ve noticed that apples play a significant part in mythology. Particularly in Christianity and Norse myth. They represent knowledge and death and sex and immortality and eternal youth. Why apples and not some other fruit? Wouldn’t oranges or bananas work just as well? or olives? Are apples just widespread? Honestly I have no idea. But it does color my perception of apples quite a lot. Often when I eat an apple I’ve taken from the food hall for a midday snack I wonder if it tastes as good as the one Adam and Eve partook in or the ones the Norse gods ate¬†to remain young. I like to think they help revive and rejuvenate me – almost as if I wasn’t getting any older.