Tron – Hero’s journey

Call to Adventure – Page from missing father

Refusal – there’s no way its him…

Supernatural Aid – gets transported onto the “grid”

Crossing the 1st threshold – Going to the grid

Belly of the whale – in the “games” of the grid

Road of Trials – escaping Clu and finding father

Meeting with the goddess – “iso” shows up and saves

Woman as temptress – “iso”

Atonement with father – reconnecting with father and forgiving him

Apotheosis – in Clu’s stronghold with his army

Ultimate boon – saving the world from an invasion and the iso and love

Refusal of return – won’t leave father behind

Magic flight – transported back to Earth

Rescue from without – Father “reintegrates” Clu

Crossing 2nd threshold – going back to Earth

Master of 2 worlds – the grid and Earth

Freedom to live – Clu is no longer a threat

How To Train Your Dragon – Hero’s Journey

Call to Adventure – Hitting the nightwing with his weapon

Refusal – trying to kill it before he decides he can’t kill it

Supernatural Aid – the dragon doesn’t kill him

Crossing the 1st threshold – going into dragon-killing training

Belly of the whale – flying with Toothless to the dragon-mother’s den

Road of Trials – keeping Toothless secret

Meeting with the goddess – Astrid starts liking/competing with him

Woman as temptress – Astrid tries to kill Toothless

Atonement with father – becomes best new dragon-killer, father is finally proud

Apotheosis – going to fight the mother-dragon

Ultimate boon – no longer have to deal with dragons stealing herds

Refusal of return – almost dies and loses legs

Magic flight – Toothless flies home

Rescue from without – New leg made for him

Crossing 2nd threshold – going back to his home

Master of 2 worlds – dragons and his tribe

Freedom to live – dragons and humans in peace

Tangled – Hero’s Journey

Call to Adventure – Flynn Rider shows up

Refusal – bipolar period of worry about her “mother”

Supernatural Aid – Wanting to see the lanterns?

Crossing the 1st threshold – leaving the tower

Belly of the whale – going to the “Snuggly Duckling”

Road of Trials – Escaping the soldiers and thieves and cave

Meeting with the goddess – Mother Gothel shows up

Woman as temptress – Mother Gothel shows up

Atonement with father – learning of the lost princess

Apotheosis – getting stolen back to tower

Ultimate boon – freedom and love

Refusal of return – “if you let him live I’ll go with you”

Magic flight – “mother” falling out of tower

Rescue from without – Flynn brought back to life

Crossing 2nd threshold – leaving the tower for the last time

Master of 2 worlds – princess and the thieves

Freedom to live – no longer any threat of imprisonment

And just for fun, my favorite song from it:


Pan is the greek god of fields and pastures. He is a satyr and plays the pipes excedingly well. He’s associated with the mother goddess. He’s also believed to be the son of Hermes. 

What he’s best known for, however, is the sexual conquests he makes…. with a variety of things and people.

Hel Drawing

Black Swan

This post has to do with the essay I posted on here earlier – just an interesting video I found.


There’s a vendor on called “ckranz” – she creates a bunch of art pieces based on myth. Here are a few:

This one is of Cupid and Psyche.

This shows the Muses.

This is one of Andromeda.

And Artemis.

Tree Myths

Here’s a great website:

It has tree stories from all around the world, including Christian, Jewish, Greek, Scandinavian and Celtic stories. The tales include a variety of types of trees – from apple to willow.

Ancient Marker Stones

Here’s some of the websites the images are from – most have a ton of other info and pictures:

And now some photos!

This is both a grave marker and a cross.

This is in England.

This is a Celtic grave marker.

Another grave marker.

This marks the birthplace of Buddha.

Interesting huh? And there are countless more!

Mythic Comics

I posted this link in an earlier post:

Everything is from there.

This is a comic about Odin’s trip to the Well of Wisdom.

This shows Hera and Zeus talking to Odin and Frigg – notice the Persephone story?

This shows a few of the Norse gods (from left to right, top to bottom): Thor (thunder god), Odin (all-father), Loki (trickster god), Baldr (god of beauty), a goat (not a god), Tyr (god of war), Hermod (messenger of the gods), Frigg (goddess of marriage, spinning and fertility), and Hod (blind god of darkness and poetry).

This one’s pretty self-explanatory…

This comic is primarily of Loki – he plays an interesting part in Norse myth. He eventually causes the end of the world and does much to harm the gods, but he also helps them quite often.

Frigg is the domestic goddess, but like Hera, often has a jealous and violent side in mythology…

This shows a lot (if not quite all) of the Norse pantheon.

This shows a bunch of gods from different mythologies… Recognize the story of Osiris and Apollo?

This shows a bunch of different pantheons of gods. Recognize anyone or anything? What about the Roman gods being the Greek gods with differnet names?