The Goddess in the Edda

The text states that the goddesses are no less important than the gods. There’s also a lot of evidence of the Earth Mother – Thor was born of earth and Odinn is married to it. This places Odinn (the “all-father”) as a suitor to the goddess. Freyr is a fertility god and has a boar – a symbol of the goddess. Snakes are also very prominent – the Midgard serpent and also the one dangling over Loki and dripping poison onto him for punishment. There’s also a world tree – Yggdrasil – which is a connection with the earth. Freyja is a goddess of fertility and beauty who rides in a chariot pulled by cats – she can symbolize the young girl or waxing moon. Frigg is the goddess of spinning and motherhood and is the wife of Odinn – she’s the mother form of the goddess. Hel is half corpse and rules over the underworld – she has power over life and death and is the crone form of the goddess. The Valkyries also fill this role, as does Freyja to some extent because of their involvement with dead warriors. Mani is a god of the moon who is male, while the sun, Sol, is a goddess. Both are circular. The Midgard Serpent, Jormungand, is very obviously a goddess symbol – circular, a snake, associated with the ocean. A cow is also what shapes the first god – a goddess of creation. Her milk feeds all of creation. The food and drink in Valhalla is also representative of the goddess – there’s an endless boar eaten and mead that flows from the udders of a goat.

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