Tron – Hero’s journey

Call to Adventure – Page from missing father

Refusal – there’s no way its him…

Supernatural Aid – gets transported onto the “grid”

Crossing the 1st threshold – Going to the grid

Belly of the whale – in the “games” of the grid

Road of Trials – escaping Clu and finding father

Meeting with the goddess – “iso” shows up and saves

Woman as temptress – “iso”

Atonement with father – reconnecting with father and forgiving him

Apotheosis – in Clu’s stronghold with his army

Ultimate boon – saving the world from an invasion and the iso and love

Refusal of return – won’t leave father behind

Magic flight – transported back to Earth

Rescue from without – Father “reintegrates” Clu

Crossing 2nd threshold – going back to Earth

Master of 2 worlds – the grid and Earth

Freedom to live – Clu is no longer a threat


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