Tangled – Hero’s Journey

Call to Adventure – Flynn Rider shows up

Refusal – bipolar period of worry about her “mother”

Supernatural Aid – Wanting to see the lanterns?

Crossing the 1st threshold – leaving the tower

Belly of the whale – going to the “Snuggly Duckling”

Road of Trials – Escaping the soldiers and thieves and cave

Meeting with the goddess – Mother Gothel shows up

Woman as temptress – Mother Gothel shows up

Atonement with father – learning of the lost princess

Apotheosis – getting stolen back to tower

Ultimate boon – freedom and love

Refusal of return – “if you let him live I’ll go with you”

Magic flight – “mother” falling out of tower

Rescue from without – Flynn brought back to life

Crossing 2nd threshold – leaving the tower for the last time

Master of 2 worlds – princess and the thieves

Freedom to live – no longer any threat of imprisonment

And just for fun, my favorite song from it:


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