How To Train Your Dragon – Hero’s Journey

Call to Adventure – Hitting the nightwing with his weapon

Refusal – trying to kill it before he decides he can’t kill it

Supernatural Aid – the dragon doesn’t kill him

Crossing the 1st threshold – going into dragon-killing training

Belly of the whale – flying with Toothless to the dragon-mother’s den

Road of Trials – keeping Toothless secret

Meeting with the goddess – Astrid starts liking/competing with him

Woman as temptress – Astrid tries to kill Toothless

Atonement with father – becomes best new dragon-killer, father is finally proud

Apotheosis – going to fight the mother-dragon

Ultimate boon – no longer have to deal with dragons stealing herds

Refusal of return – almost dies and loses legs

Magic flight – Toothless flies home

Rescue from without – New leg made for him

Crossing 2nd threshold – going back to his home

Master of 2 worlds – dragons and his tribe

Freedom to live – dragons and humans in peace


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