Mythic Comics

I posted this link in an earlier post:

Everything is from there.

This is a comic about Odin’s trip to the Well of Wisdom.

This shows Hera and Zeus talking to Odin and Frigg – notice the Persephone story?

This shows a few of the Norse gods (from left to right, top to bottom): Thor (thunder god), Odin (all-father), Loki (trickster god), Baldr (god of beauty), a goat (not a god), Tyr (god of war), Hermod (messenger of the gods), Frigg (goddess of marriage, spinning and fertility), and Hod (blind god of darkness and poetry).

This one’s pretty self-explanatory…

This comic is primarily of Loki – he plays an interesting part in Norse myth. He eventually causes the end of the world and does much to harm the gods, but he also helps them quite often.

Frigg is the domestic goddess, but like Hera, often has a jealous and violent side in mythology…

This shows a lot (if not quite all) of the Norse pantheon.

This shows a bunch of gods from different mythologies… Recognize the story of Osiris and Apollo?

This shows a bunch of different pantheons of gods. Recognize anyone or anything? What about the Roman gods being the Greek gods with differnet names?


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