Disney’s Princess and The Frog

While watching Princess and the Frog with my roommate I noticed some seriously mythological ideas.

First – it’s an animal groom story. Pretty obvious.

All the voodoo in it is pretty obviously mythological as well. But there are two voodoo witches/doctors in the movie – the evil one and the good.

The Shadowman dresses in black and red and has control over blood and shadows.

The Bayou Witch lives in a boat-treehouse in a swamp (lives in a tree and by water – goddess perhaps?). She always dresses in white and gold and is blind – like many prophet and foreseers. She cooks gumbo and uses it for her magic as well – perhaps a connection to the grain goddess? And lastly, she has a pet snake, which is a symbol of the goddess.

Fireflies also play a part in the story – they lead the way to the Bayou Witch and one of them (Ray) is in love with the evening/North star. As Ray dies in the story his light – life force – fades and a new star is born in the sky next to the North star.

Just thought it was interesting 🙂

And here’s two of my favorite songs from the movie:


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