Meanings of Colors

Red – power, intensity, anger, passion, blood, fire, hot, violent, strong, stop, attention, action, danger, significant, special, party, warning, bravery

Orange – vibrant, sunny, happy, strong, stimulating, fall, attention-getting, change, warm, energetic, intense

Yellow – bright, sunny, cheerful, hope, light, cowardice, riches, excitement, perky, freshness, sharp

Green – life, nature, fertility, growth, plants, earth, renewal, health, envy, naivete, spring, balance, harmony, stability, money, go, new, beginnings, sickly

Blue – calm, sad, natural, peaceful, peace, importance, winter, trust, water, cool, loyal, unexpected, clear, unknown, pure, sky

Purple – deep, royal, intense, mysterious, spiritual, mystic, reassuring, imaginative, creative, delicate, moody, riches, romance, unique, confusion, loss, lying

Pink – soft, sweet, feminine, weakness, nice, delicate, love, romance, charm, playful, tender, healthy, content, pleased

Brown – neutral, earth, natural, dirty, wood, fertility, wholesome, warmth, honesty, fall, food,

Black – dark, night, scary, fear, chaos, womb, protection, strength, inevitability, neutral, bad, deep, unconcious

Gray – neutral, sad, boring, balanced, cloudy, foggy, mourning, formality, wisdom, intellect, age, dull, stone

White – pure, innocent, clean, clear, virgin, blinding, neutral, bright, snow, rare, noble, death, surrender


2 responses to “Meanings of Colors

  1. Is there some sort of connection between the part of our brain controlling emotions and color recognition? It seems to be more of an animal based nature of humanity.

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