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Hel Drawing

Black Swan

This post has to do with the essay I posted on here earlier – just an interesting video I found.


There’s a vendor on called “ckranz” – she creates a bunch of art pieces based on myth. Here are a few:

This one is of Cupid and Psyche.

This shows the Muses.

This is one of Andromeda.

And Artemis.

Tree Myths

Here’s a great website:

It has tree stories from all around the world, including Christian, Jewish, Greek, Scandinavian and Celtic stories. The tales include a variety of types of trees – from apple to willow.

Ancient Marker Stones

Here’s some of the websites the images are from – most have a ton of other info and pictures:

And now some photos!

This is both a grave marker and a cross.

This is in England.

This is a Celtic grave marker.

Another grave marker.

This marks the birthplace of Buddha.

Interesting huh? And there are countless more!

Mythic Comics

I posted this link in an earlier post:

Everything is from there.

This is a comic about Odin’s trip to the Well of Wisdom.

This shows Hera and Zeus talking to Odin and Frigg – notice the Persephone story?

This shows a few of the Norse gods (from left to right, top to bottom): Thor (thunder god), Odin (all-father), Loki (trickster god), Baldr (god of beauty), a goat (not a god), Tyr (god of war), Hermod (messenger of the gods), Frigg (goddess of marriage, spinning and fertility), and Hod (blind god of darkness and poetry).

This one’s pretty self-explanatory…

This comic is primarily of Loki – he plays an interesting part in Norse myth. He eventually causes the end of the world and does much to harm the gods, but he also helps them quite often.

Frigg is the domestic goddess, but like Hera, often has a jealous and violent side in mythology…

This shows a lot (if not quite all) of the Norse pantheon.

This shows a bunch of gods from different mythologies… Recognize the story of Osiris and Apollo?

This shows a bunch of different pantheons of gods. Recognize anyone or anything? What about the Roman gods being the Greek gods with differnet names?

Treasures From Sutton Hoo

Disney’s Princess and The Frog

While watching Princess and the Frog with my roommate I noticed some seriously mythological ideas.

First – it’s an animal groom story. Pretty obvious.

All the voodoo in it is pretty obviously mythological as well. But there are two voodoo witches/doctors in the movie – the evil one and the good.

The Shadowman dresses in black and red and has control over blood and shadows.

The Bayou Witch lives in a boat-treehouse in a swamp (lives in a tree and by water – goddess perhaps?). She always dresses in white and gold and is blind – like many prophet and foreseers. She cooks gumbo and uses it for her magic as well – perhaps a connection to the grain goddess? And lastly, she has a pet snake, which is a symbol of the goddess.

Fireflies also play a part in the story – they lead the way to the Bayou Witch and one of them (Ray) is in love with the evening/North star. As Ray dies in the story his light – life force – fades and a new star is born in the sky next to the North star.

Just thought it was interesting 🙂

And here’s two of my favorite songs from the movie:

Mecca and Ka’aba

Ka’aba was built by Abraham as a landmark of the house of God – for the purpose of worshipping God alone. Mecca is surrounded by 2 mountain ranges:

The Al-Falaq and Qu’aqi’an Moutains to the North

Abu Hudaidan to the West

Kuday to the South

Abu Qubais and Khindiman to the South-East

Mecca shows up in the Qur’an and the Bible – it is the first house of worship for mankind and the mother of human settlements settled in a “valley of tears.”

Here’s some pictures of Ka’aba:

And this was my source:

Wisdom from Animals

I found this really interesting website:

Just sorta cool to look at. 🙂