The Phallic Saints

I found this on the internet while looking up fertility gods. I find it particularly interesting because it is Christianity based, but a lot of the rituals associated with the Phallic saints reminds me of fertility rituals in the supposedly “pagan” religions.

For example:

To worship the saints Cosmas and Damian (twin physicians) wax body parts were presented at their temples. The most prominent wax part was their phallus.

Young girls who hope to find their soul mate push needles into the feet of a statue of Saint Guenole.

Saint Guignole is thought to represent fertility because of his names similarity to the word gingere – the french word meaning “to beget.”

Saint Foutin also has a French word – foutre – associated with him. Foutre is a crude word for “to have sex.” Worshipers would often pour wine over his phallus to invoke fertility.

Saint Rene is associated with the French word for kidneys – reins – which were considered the seat of sexuality once upon a time.


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