Fertility Goddesses


Ala/Igbo – goddess of fertility

Asase Ya/Ashanti – earth goddess of fertility

Mbaba Mwana Waresa – goddess of fertility, rainbows, agriculture, rain and beer


Anahit – goddess of fertility, birth, beauty and water


Chiconahui – domestic fertility goddess

Cihuacotl – goddess of motherhood, fertility and midwives

Coatlicue – goddess of fertility, life, death and rebirth

Huixtocihuatl – fertility goddess who presides over salt and salt water

Xochiquetzal – goddess of fertility, beauty, female sexual power, protection of young mothers, pregnancy, childbirth and women’s crafts


Saule – solar goddess of life, fertility, warmth and health


Brigid – Irish fertility goddess

Epona – goddess of horses and fertility

Nantosuelta – goddess of nature, earth, fire and fertility

Onuava – goddess of fertility

Rosmerta – goddess of fertility and abundance


Isis – goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility

Tawaret – goddess of fertility and childbirth

Tefnut – goddess of water and fertility

Qetesh – goddess of sacred ecstacy and sexual pleasure


Rauni – goddess of fertility


Nerthus – goddess of fertility

Anyak-Schlikh – goddess of fertility and passionate love


Aphrodite – goddess of love, beauty, sexuality and fertility


Haumea – goddess of fertility and childbirth


Aditi – goddess of space, conciousness, the past, the future and fertility

Banka-Mundi – goddess of the hunt and fertility

Bhumi – goddess of the earth and fertility

Lajja Gauri – goddess of abundance and fertility

Manasa – snake goddess of fertility and prosperity

Parvati – goddess of fertility, marriage, asceticism and power


Shaushka – goddess of fertility, war and healing


Anjea – goddess of fertility

Dilga – goddess of fertility and growth


Akna – goddess of fertility and childbirth


Kichijoten – goddess of beauty, happiness and fertility


Ama-arhus – goddess of fertility

Inanna/Ishtar – goddess of sexual love, fertility and warfare

Nin-imma – goddess of fertility and female sex organs

Sharra Itu – goddess of fertility


Freyja – goddess of love, beauty, fertility, gold, war and death

Frigg – goddess of marriage, fertility, childbirth and prophecy

Gefjun – goddess of ploughing and fertility


Anahita – goddess of fertility, healing and wisdom


Bona Dea – goddess of fertility, healing, virginity and women

Fecunditas – goddess of fertility

Feronia – goddess of fertility and abundance

Libera – goddess of the earth and femal fertility

Ops – goddess of fertility and earth

Venus – goddess of love, beauty and fertility


Beiwe – goddess of fertility and sanity

Rana Niejta – goddess of spring and fertility


Dzydzilelya – goddess of love, marriage, sexuality and fertility

Kostroma – goddess of fertility

Zeme – goddess of the earth and fertility

Ziva – goddess of love and fertility


Umay – goddess of fertility and virginity


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