Mythological Places


Asgard – city of the gods built by Odinn

Valhalla – hall of slain heroes located in Asgard

Biarmaland – kingdom north of Russia


Tartarus – pit in underworld for the condemned

Asphodel Meadows – where ordinary souls go to in the underworld

Elysian Fields – where heroic and virtuous souls go in the underworld

Islands of the Blessed – paradise for souls of great heroes

Mount Olympus – home of the gods

Garden of Hesperides – sacred garden of Hera, where the immortality of gods is from

Nysa – valley of nymphs

Themiscyra – capital city of the Amazons


Avalon – island of apples where King Arthur was buried

Camelot – city that King Arthur ruled

Cockaigne – land of plenty where want doesn’t exist


Garden of Eden – birthplace of humanity


Atlantis – sunken city

El Dorado – city of gold in South America


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