Vocab for Quiz


sparagmos – to rend or tear the flesh off of
axis mundi – the world axis, point where the naturally meets the unnatural
fecundator – fertilizer
alloform – a human/godlike quality given to an unconscious thing
ex nihilo – creation from nothing
earth diver – creation from an animal diving for earth at the bottom of an ocean
primal unity – the splitting apart to create
emergence – creation changing as it moves through different worlds
dismemberment – the tearing apart of something to create the world
micro/macrocosm – miniature world, universe in whole
anthropomorphize – to ascribe human traits to
homology – the state of being in similar relation
patriarchal – a male headed organization
matriarchal – a female headed organization
matrifocal – focused or centered on the mother/female
creatrix – female creator
pantheon – collection of gods
heiro gamos – sacred marriage

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