Scandinavian Mythical Creatures

Most Scandinavian otherworldly beings were afraid of/allergic to iron.

Jotunn – lords of nature

Troll – mythical magicians

Bpurs – hostile monsters

Risi – historic and courtly beings

Askafroa – Swedish “ash lady” who lives in an ash tree, people would sacrifice to her on Ash Wednesday

Nixes – beautiful water maidens who lure people to drown with song

Changeling – offspring of fairy/troll/elf/enchanted piece of wood swapped with a human child, beauty in children and young women especially those with blonde hair attracted fairies

Gjenganger – a fleshy spirit that comes back from the grave after being murdered and tortures and torments its family and friends

Huldra – seductive forest creature/troll with long hair and naked female body with hollow back and animal tail, protected miners and abducted lone travelers

Kraken – huge sea monster who lives off the coast of Norway and Iceland, fish would swarm around it to create good fishing but it would sink ships and was often mistaken for an island

Hafgufa/Lyngbakr – sea monsters

Mare/Mara – spirit/goblin that rides on sleeping people’s chests and brings bad dreams, rides horses so they’re exhausted by morning, ride trees to tangle branches (mare pines), and tangle hair of sleeping people to leave mare-locks

Mylings – unbaptized child ghosts who ride on the backs of lone night travelers to get to the graveyard and get heavier as they get closer and sink the person into the ground, if the person doesn’t make it to the graveyard they are murdered

Nisse – small, solitary elderly male trolls with full beards, four fingers, pointy ears, a poisonous bite and eyes that glow in the dark who can create illusions and invisibility and take care of the home and prevent misfortune especially at night, immense strength and are protective and caring but easy to offend (by swearing, urinating or treating animals badly) and would retribute by boxing the ears, killing livestock or ruining the farms’ fortune, a traditionalist who doesn’t like change, spill on floor should be accompanied by a shouted warning to him and fed a bowl of porridge with a pat of butter on top for Christmas or he would tie cows’ tails together, put things upside-down and break things, associated with livestock, but favorite is horse and would braid his favorites’ tail and mane that shouldn’t be undone


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