Symbols of the Goddess

I got these from two very opposing websites:

Which is very VERY pro-goddess.

Which is anti-goddess and super Christian. Kind of interesting to see how they differ.

The ones I think are super important are highlighted.

Apple – part of Earth, associated with death and rebirth, brings enlightenment, fruit and seed, sustenance, Eve also eats one and gains wisdom

Dog – Artemis, Athena and Sarama are associated with dogs, Scythians who worship Artemis are called her hunting dogs

Black – pregnant void/chaos, dark, mysterious, unknown, death, winter, the unconscious, Hel is goddess of underworld

Circle – the moon and earth (both thought to be feminine because of Mother Earth and the female lunar cycle), breasts, pregnant belly, the cycle of life and seasons, eggs and seeds, stars, sun and earth travel in circular patterns

Cowrie shell – rebirth, female genitalia, Romans called them matriculus (little matrix/womb)

Crescent moon – most obviously the moon, period and cycle of moon

Earth – body of goddess, humans created of and returned to Earth, fertility, sustenance

Labyrinth – symbol of death and rebirth, one way in and one way out (just like life)

Ocean – womb, chaos, pregnancy, lactation, moistness of created life, water

Rose – India’s Great Mother is also called the Holy Rose, Roman rose flower represents Venus, flower resemblance to vulva

Spiral – womb, life, circle traveling through time, natural progression

Tree – part of earth, used as an altar, represent life, change of seasons, the world tree (like Yggdrasil), nourishment

Inverted triangle – genitals of female, cup to hold water and life (now also used for homosexuality – any ideas why? I can’t think of why.)

Vesica Piscis (pictured below) – womb, female genitalia, creation and life

Frog – symbol of fertility, connected to Greek Aphrodite, transformation of Egyptian goddess Heket, the moon in Chinese mythology, healing, prosperity, water

Chalice – womb, female genitalia, birth, sustenance, water

Moon – obviously the female cycle, also progression of life and death, monthly cycle, circle


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