The description of Inanna was so vivid I felt like I had to put it down on paper. It’s not near the greatest drawing – but here’s my interpretation:

Not sure how clearly you can see it but I drew these aspects I found in the text. I put scrolls for the “eight divine decrees” and placed them, as the text outlined, in her hand, on her hip and at her feet. In her other hand she’s holding the rod of lapis lazuli and on her neck she’s wearing a necklace of the same material. I had no idea what the “crown of plain” looked like so I drew a sun like shape around her head. Similarly, I was clueless about what to do for the breastplate or the jewels adorning her breast… So I guessed. The dress she’s wearing is my take on the “garments of ladyship.” I had no idea how to represent the ointment on her face so that’s up to your imagination, and her “radiance of countenance” are the yellow rays that surround her. All in all I think I did ok.

While I was drawing however I realized I had no idea what lapis lazuli looked like. Here’s some pictures I found:

Isn’t it pretty? I understand why the gods would be wearing it so prominently. Also, I wonder if the blue connects to the goddess-theme of water?

Oh, and here’s some images of Inanna I didn’t draw:

Yeah… Mine doesn’t look like any of those. But I did find a really neat site about Inanna and other goddesses:

Matrifocus… very appropriate!


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