Goddess Figures

I figured I’d look up some of the figurines we looked at in class. Out of curiosity and to find things they have in common as well…

There’s a lot of interesting things to find in the figurines. LOTS of breast and thigh like we discussed in class, plus a lot of unique qualities. Most of them have large, presumably pregnant bellies. One appears to have a honey comb type design for both her head and genitals – the genitalia one is also the inverted triangle we talked about in class. Perhaps the honey comb is a symbol of the maternal and of fertility? After all, hives contain a supreme queen. Another figure appears to be cradling a baby, and another seems to have a halo or sun shape in her arms and behind her head. The hooded pair, one of which has antlers, could signify mystery or oneness with nature. There’s also one that appears to have the night sky as wings and seems to be holding up the moon – maybe this is a connection to women’s periods and the lunar cycle? Something I noticed in all the figures was that if they had arms they were in a circular shape – as if they were cradling or holding the Earth, a baby, the Sun, the Moon, etc. There’s a lot of circles in their figures – perhaps this is because there are few straight edges in nature. Or it could represent the cycles of the Earth and humans and seasons. These are just guesses, but it is fun to think about. Oh, and by the way, I found a website where you can buy your own Mother Goddess statues (kind of fun that you can):



2 responses to “Goddess Figures

  1. These pictures are WAAAAAAaaaaay better than my drawing! Interesting connections =)

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