Bucket List

On the subject of time being unnatural to us I thought I’d try to make a list of things I want to do before my time runs out. Otherwise known as… A bucket list.

I’m not going to put everything on here, just 20 or so things. I’m also going to try to connect them to mythology – we’ll see how I do.

1. Go to Norway – going back to my origins in a way and isn’t that part of mythology? trying to find out where we came from?

2. Be completely fluent in Norwegian – I can hold my own but I’d love to be able to use the language fully so I can learn more about Norwegian culture (and hopefully mythology).

3. Have kids – That’s right. I’m going to create life.

4. Ride every ride in Disneyland – I watched Alice in Wonderland yesterday, do you know how much mythology is in that? Alice falls into a hole (womb?) and comes out again with a different perspective (rebirth?). In the “womb” she has a better connection with animals – they talk! And one rabbit is constantly worried about time – much like us humans. And I can go on.

5. Own a BMW Z3 – In the patriarchal societies that took over the matriarchal ones this would be totally unacceptable.

6. Graduate from college – part of why I’m taking mythology… That and the fact I adore it.

7. Do some form of research to help the world – maybe discover something to help our Mother Earth?

8. Visit Venice, Italy – especially to look in all the museums, many of which contain pieces based on mythology of Europe.

9. Make my own wedding dress – I will weave, just like I am weaving this text.

10. Be able to write fluently in the Norse runes – This is obviously mythological.

11. Write down the oral stories I tell my little sister – Isn’t this what happened in history?

12. Go to a masquerade ball – How many masked figures or disguised figures come up in myth? Think Zeus and his forms when he impregnates women…

13. See Monet’s paintings – AKA appreciate Mother Earth’s beauty and power to inspire.

14. See Stonehenge – Yeah, obvious.

15. See the Northern Lights – What are they caused by? Look at myths. There’s quite a few.

16. Spend a week sailing the Puget Sound – Water. I’m female. It connects.

17. Dye my hair red – TRANSFORMATION. Big theme in mythology.

18. Learn to say hello in 50 languages – The more language I know, the more myth I know.

19. Fall in love – find my other fragment?

20. Go on a journey for no reason – create my own hero’s journey


One response to “Bucket List

  1. Do them – do them all!!
    A great list =)

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