Fragments of a God

My professor said something that stuck with me today.

She said, “What if we’re all fragments of an eternal being, trying to unite together again?”

I thought that was a really neat thought.

We also talked about worldview today. I started to wonder about my own.

Do I tame or serve the world? Is man the pinnacle of Earth or simply part of its natural balance? Should humans use the world or take care of it? What obligation do we have? Am I a child of Mother Earth or Father Sky?

As someone who hates conflict and loves connection I’d have to say that I feel like humans are a part of the Earth’s system and it’s our job to take care of it as such. I feel like we do have an obligation to the world that sustains us. However, I do feel that we should strive to learn and grow as well.

But they’re hard questions. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow my mind will have changed. For today, that’s my worldview I suppose. Now I’m off to go watch the sunset.


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