Doodles in Class

These are a few things I drew/wrote in class in the margins of my notebook the first two days of class:

This doodle features my name in the Norse runes as well as a doodle of Sleipnir (Odinn’s eight-legged horse), a lock of Freyja’s golden hair, a depiction of Thor’s hammer, and a sprig of holly (not really relevant to mythology at all).

These are Norse runes. The text running top to bottom on the left is what my name (Sonja) would look like. The text on the right are random runes. The runes have special significance. Not only do they portray different sounds or letters – they also have specific charms and meanings. The one that looks like a capital R not only makes the “r” sound but also stands for “safe journey” and “protection.” The tipped over hourglass one below it makes the “th” sound as well as standing for “daylight,” “day” and “enlightenment.”


One response to “Doodles in Class

  1. Correction: the rune for “daylight” makes a “d” sound, not a “th” sound. Sorry about that.

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