The First Day

The first day of class and the first day of this blog. And I can’t wait for more. Perhaps that’s because I grew up around mythogy. Perhaps because I’m vaguely obsessed with the history of my ancestors. Perhaps because reality is boring. But whatever. The point is that I’m supposed to find the magical in the ordinary. Not sure if I’ll be successful, but I’ll try…

Maybe I’ll start by telling you what my grandfather told me – the meanings of the days of the week. According to him the names of the weekdays come from the old Norse gods.

Sunday – Sunna’s day  (the god of the sun)

Monday – Mona’s day (the god of the moon)

Tuesday – Tyr’s day (god of war)

Wednesday – Odin’s day (from the alternate version of Woden, his other name, the allfather god)

Thurday – Thor’s day (god of lightning)

Friday – Frigga’s day (goddess of weaving)

The only one that isn’t Norse he said is Saturday which comes from the satyrs of Greek mythology.

This, of course, may not be entirely accurate, but it is something to think about.

So Happy Odinn’s Day!


One response to “The First Day

  1. I love that most of the names of the weekdays go back to the Anglo-Saxon/Norse tradition instead of the stuffy Romans… except for Saturday. The Roman god Saturn lends his name to the day – sater daeg in Anglo-Saxon.

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